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Judith V. Brown staning a short distance from the accident scene.


"Family continues

to question deadly

crash investigation."


"Police question daughter of Paradise Valley councilman who killed pedestrian."


Statement from the Browns


On Nov. 15, 2015, Paige Dembow while driving her car struck and killed Howard Brown while he was walking his dog. 


Paige is the daughter of Paradise Valley Councilman Paul Dembow (at the time Vice Mayor) and he arrived on scene shortly after she hit our father where he became involved in the on-scene investigation. Somehow, Ms. Dembow a known drug abuser with a record of DUI and an interlock device on her vehicle was never tested for drugs or alcohol at the time of the incident and she allowed to leave the scene, despite being on probation for a drug charge. As our father lay dying Mr. Dembow and other Dembow family members were allowed to enter her vehicle and converse with officers on scene. 


Every day people are drug tested and given field sobriety tests, especially where a pedestrian is injured. But somehow, Ms. Dembow an underage person (19 years old) with an interlock device on her car, was allowed to leave the scene, on probation for a drug charge. What transpired during the police investigation that allowed her to leave, without being subject to the same laws as you and I?


To date, Ms. Dembow has never been ticketed nor has she been held accountable for her actions. Yet, her social media pages are riddled with her abusing drugs and boasting about failed rehab attempts. Meanwhile our family is in shambles. While she has escaped all responsibility, we continue to be haunted by our father's death. The place where he was killed is only steps from our family home. We must endure that every single day while no justice has been served. We are a family desperate for answers. 


We are asking the appropriate prosecutorial agencies to review this matter.

We need the public’s help in supporting this request. You can do so by signing our petition when the time is right and by texting justice to 88799 to be kept informed. 

You can also help us by donating to our gofundme campaign to help offset the tremendous amount of money that we have spent in the pursuit of justice for our father. 

To donate to our gofundme campaign visit:

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