JUDITH'S STORY in her own words

Anyone who knows me, knows that I worship my parents and would rip my heart out for them.  I would give anything to have my dad, Howard Lee Brown, here safe living the life he deserved and was given.  I could easily say I've had the best life because of the father that God gave me but it was even better than that. It was an honor to be one of his daughters. It is impossible to describe how my father's violent death and cover up has affected my life, completely and indefinitely.  

I spent a great deal of my life around my father, learning to swim, playing sports, watching him fix things, working together and the list goes on.  He was fun to be around and brought a stability and calmness that is unparalleled.  My father was an amazing scholar with an overwhelming academic and professional career his entire life.  My father's sense of humor was witty, silly, dry, logical and usually about Texas.  I followed my Dad's every word and move like a duck in tow, because I respected and trusted him completely plus, I just simply liked who he was. He was the only person that provided me unconditional love,  guidance, and protection. Not one day did I ever take that for for granted.  How proud I was of my father for being who he was and that he was my Dad.

Thousands of family, friends, neighbors and customers are still mourning and continuing to find out what took place that Sunday afternoon on November 15, 2015 in, ironically named, Paradise Valley, Arizona.

My favorite person violently killed exiting our neighborhood street with our precious shih-tzu Snickers Lee who was already out of the suspect's deadly and reckless path.  Treated inhumanely like insignificant road kill. As his precious body lay in the bike lane, councilman Paul Dembow, and his adult daughter, Paige Dembow, gathered to come up with various answers to why she couldn't see a human being for 100 feet. An interlock device was present in the vehicle and she was on probation for drugs and no current insurance, none of which the police acknowledged because like officer Steve Hovorka states multiple times on body cam footage because "she wasn't going to jail".  

In this country everyone has a constitutional right not to be killed. Abuse of power will not be tolerated to permit someone to violently kill anyone, particularly my precious father, Howard Lee Brown.

The way the "authorities" handled this wonderful man's violent death was nothing short of the most criminally outrageous inhumane disgusting evil violations that could be made.  My father being a dream come true for any child not not be overshadowed by the biggest mistake of a publicly self proclaimed "spawn of satan
 drug obsessed Paige Dembow nor to be overshadowed by bold and intentional neglect from the "authorities" to protect and serve alleged killers for fear of their own job security.  

Arizona needs your help in the safety of our community by joining us to hold corrupt authorities and killers accountable for violently killing a human being. Nobody is above the law and nobody will be treated like roadkill. 

If God be for us, who can be against us?Romans 8:31 KJV